About - Asian American Studies at UCI

As one of the fastest growing such departments in the nation, UC Irvine's Department of Asian American Studies offering a nurturing and constructive learning environment for its students.

Asian American Studies at UCI began as an Interdisciplinary Program in 1991, and the Department of Asian American Studies was formally approved in 2003. Both a major and a minor are offered, as well as a graduate emphasis in conjunction with selected M.A. and Ph.D. graduate programs based in other UCI departments. The core faculty is supplemented by affiliated faculty from diverse disciplines such as Anthropology, Art, Film Studies, History, Literature, Music, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, and Sociology.

Faculty members teach more than 30 courses to more than 2,000 students per year. Several courses taught on a regular basis focus on Southeast Asian Americans, including the Vietnamese American Experience, the Southeast Asian American Experience, and Vietnamese American Women. Many other courses offer students the opportunity to explore issues related to Southeast Asian Americans.

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