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How do I contact you for questions about SEAAdoc?
Click on “Comments? Questions?” at the bottom of any page.

How do I order reproductions of digital items from SEAAdoc? And what is the cost?
Click on “reproduction” in the top navigation bar and read about copyright and conditions of use before contacting us to place an order. The cost will depend on the nature of the reproductions that you need.

My searches don’t get any results. What do I do?
Click on FIND in the top navigation bar, then click on “Help”, which appears on the page in several places. Follow the instructions and try again.

Is everything in UC Irvine’s Southeast Asian Archive available in SEAAdoc?
Far from it! The SEAAdoc “virtual archive” presently includes only 1,500 digital images and 4,000 pages of text, whereas the physical Archive includes thousands of printed volumes (books, magazines, dissertations, articles, etc.) and hundreds of shelf feet of archival material. For more information about the physical Archive, visit the Archive website or contact us with a specific question.

I have technical questions about how SEAAdoc is designed and implemented.
Please contact us, making your question as precise as possible.

I am interested in learning more about UC Irvine’s academic programs in Asian American Studies.
Please visit the website for the Department of Asian American Studies.