Read about the Southeast Asian American Experience

The READ section of SEAAdoc provides an introduction to the Southeast Asian American experience, and by extension the field of Asian American Studies. The principal content is a series of essays--focused on six broad topics and five key ethnic groups--which highlight the transitions and challenges that Southeast Asian Americans have faced as refugees and immigrants in the United States.

The essays also provide context for the collection of digital documents that can be sesarched in the FIND section of SEAAdoc. Each READ section is illustrated by selected digital documents. Go to the FIND section to search or browse for additional documents.

READ has five sections:

  • Definition of Terms - Three key terms are defined: refugees, immigrants, and Southeast Asian Americans.
  • Explore Key Topics - Organized around six broad subject areas of interest for study and research on Southeast Asian Americans. Each area is sub-organized by more specific topics relevant to that area.
  • Explore Ethnic Groups - Information on the five major cultural groups documented by UCI’s Southeast Asian Archive as they are represented in the U.S. population.
  • Additional Reading - Lists of books and journal articles that have not been digitized for inclusion in SEAAdoc.