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Browse by Categories

Browsing by pre-selected categories is the best way to find all SEAAdoc materials on a broad topic, about an ethnic group, or in a specific format.  Five approaches are possible using the pull-down menus:

Select a Broad Topic
… to retrieve all items on that Broad Topic.

Select a Broad Topic, then select an optional Subtopic from the box labeled “All Subtopics”
… to retrieve all items on that Subtopic.

Select an Ethnic Group
… to retrieve all items about that ethnic group.

Select an Ethnic Group, then select a Broad Topic from the box labeled “Optional Topics”
… to retrieve all items on that Topic as it relates to the selected Ethnic Group.

Select a Format
… to retrieve all items in that format.

Search by Keyword

You can search SEAAdoc using words that describe subjects, titles, formats, authors, donors, names of collections, place names, and dates of publication.  Several approaches to keyword searching are possible:

Single keyword
Search any single word.

Wild card (*)
Use the asterisk immediately after a word or word root to retrieve variant word endings.
Example:. viet* retrieves vietnam, vietnamese, etc.

Exact Phrase
Use quotes to restrict results to an exact phrase.
Example: "refugee camp" finds that phrase only, not refugees in camp or other phrases.

Boolean Combinations
Combine two words or phases joined by AND or OR.

Using AND finds only those items that are described using both words.
Example: vietnamese and westminster finds items about Vietnamese people in the city of Westminster.

Using OR finds all items that are described using either word.
Example women or woman finds items that include one or the other of these words.

If your search retrieves no results …

  • Check to be sure that you didn’t misspell any words.
  • The keyword you used does not appear in the description of any SEAAdoc item. Try again using a different word or phrase to describe your idea.
  • Try using Browse by Categories to select from the pre-selected topics, ethnic groups, and formats.
  • Explore the READ section of SEAAdoc to learn basic facts about the field of Southeast Asian American Studies.